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Chrono Trigger Pictures


Chrono Trigger! Here are some pictures of characters or scenes from
the game. You can also find icons in .gif and .ico formats. I (Andy, I made this page) have tried to get all
possible pics of CT. The images are listed by characters, scenes, items and icons. These
pictures have been drawn by Akira Toriyama (DragonBallZ).

[ Characters | Scenes
| Items | Icons ]

Ayla, prehistoric woman

Crono, young swordsman

Crono&Frog's X-Strike

Fiona, forest guardian

Janus, strange boy

Leene, beautiful queen

Marle, young princess

Melchior, Guru of Life

Schala, Zeal's princess

Toma, great adventurer

reptites' leader

Crono, smiling at you

Cyrus, mighty knight

Flea, pretty wizard

Johnny, racing robot

Lucca, the scientist

Marle, shimmering archer

Ozzie, Magus's general

Slash, master swordsman

Guru of Reason

Crono, sword in hand

Dalton, bad king

Frog, amphibian knight

Kino, Ayla's boyfriend

Magus, mighty wizard

Masa & Mune, magic beings

Robo, humanoid robot

Tata, young knight

Zeal, lost kingdom's queen

- At Lucca's: Crono, Frog, Lucca and Marle
having some quiet time

- Fighting the wizard: Crono, Frog and Lucca
against the mighty Magus

- IceBeast: Crono, Frog and Marle are fighting
a wild beast in the snow

- In Medina: Robo protects Ayla and Crono from
the Mystics.

- In the dark: Crono and Marle are looking at
one another by moonlight

- Prehistory: Ayla, Crono and Robo are riding
the Dactyls to Tyrano Lair

- Ready to fight: The whole party is looking
at... you

- Round the campfire: Ayla, Crono and Robo are
resting in a forest filled with monsters

- The Cave: Crono, Frog and Robo are surrounded
by monsters in the Magic Cave

- The Lair: A complete view of Magus's Castle,
bats flying round it

- The Race: Ayla and Crono are riding the
Jetbike, in the future

- The Wings of Time: Crono, Frog and Lucca are
flying through time with Epoch

- Animated Gatekey: the key,
turning again and again...

- Gatekey: the key of time-traveling made by

- Gold Helm: the helmet Knight Captain offers on
Zenan Bridge

- Power Tab: the pill that strengthens you

- Shelter: a futurist tent that heals your

- SilverStud: a stud that halves your MP use

- Animated Gif files: Ayla , Crono , Frog
, Lucca , Magus , Marle , Robo.

- Gif files: Ayla | 2
, Crono | 2 | 3
, Lavos , Lucca | 2 , Magus , Marle
| 2 | 3 , Nu , Proto4 , Robo | 2
, Time Portal.

- Ico files for Windows: Ayla , Crono , Frog , Lucca
, Magus , Marle , Robo.