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My name is Andy. My birthday is March 27 and my favorite number is 27. My favorite color is definitely aqua.I'm somewhat short, 4'11. I take soccer, lacrosse, wrestling and karate. I go to Deer Path Junior High in 6th grade. It's a pretty good school; we get new people practically every week. I love talking online, and when Iím not I'm probably taking a sport, or up doing homework. My AOL IM screenname is sabotagea2 (which I don't use because all my friends are on my other name) and andyman327. I like video games. My definite favorite role-playing game would be Chrono Trigger. My favorite school subject would be math. Don't forget to visit my gamesection, My Screennames page, My Downloadables page, and my miscellaneous page!

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My family is kind of normal. I have a mom. I have a dad. I have 1 brother, age 24. 2 sisters, age 23 & 20. And I have a dog, 3. My siblings get to live in Florida, or an apartment, and Iím stuck alone.


I have some cool friends. None of them really have web pages though. Some that are online (aol or aim) are: alroy2000, La Animal, JessHelen, JessiJo H, tam3245, TootzTTMON and OldNvy8402. My cousins are PickiBi and Spacegal6. My screenname is andyman327 (usually) and my new one, sabotagea2.


I take lacrosse, wrestling, soccer, and karate. I like to do weird stuff, like blowing up things, taking things apart, throwing things out windows, etc. I like to talk to people online. watch TV. play video games, play around with the Internet, (legally) play around with my dog, jimi. And check my email @ I like to do a lot more stuff.